Art- Raised block printing

We started by drawing our bird designs . Then, we drew our designs on a lino printing block. Finally we cut out our designs ready to stick on the lino printing block. We used a brush to spread the paint onto the tile. Finally , we pressed the raised tile onto our background designs.

For the background, we used polystyrene tiles. We carved our designs using a blunt pencil, used a roller to spread the paint and pressed the tile onto the card.

Science Investigation 🧪 👩‍🔬

As part of our science topic on Matters , we looked at how some solids can exist as a different matter.

Our question for the investigation was : do all chocolate 🍫 melt at the same temperature?

We discovered that the melting point depended on the cocoa content in each type of chocolate and whether the chocolate was mixed with other ingredients.

Symmetry Artwork

We read this book first, as part of the NSPCC number day..
The children created there own colourful symmetrical artworks using 2D shapes.
We had a focus on the lines of symmetry. Well done 4SV these look great, I can’t wait to see the finished Maths Artwork,